Protect Your Installations Against a Pigeon Infestation in Laval or Montreal

R.M.B. Extermination Inc. provides pigeon extermination and control services in Laval, Montreal, and surrounding areas. While they are harmless, pigeons cause damage to your buildings and can also transmit diseases.



Dangers and Harmful Effects of Pigeons

Pigeons excrete acids in their droppings that damage the structures, painted surfaces and exterior finishing of buildings. Their droppings can also contain bacteria, fungi and other organisms carrying a number of viral diseases. Cleaning pigeon droppings can be a long and costly process.

Life Cycle
The pigeon has a lifetime of 15 years in captivity and 4 years in the wild. This is due to lack of food and water as well as diseases and predators. The female pigeon becomes adult after 7 months. After a week and a half mating period, she lays 1-3 white eggs that hatch 18 days later. The young leave the nest after 4 to 6 weeks.

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